Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Expert technicians handle garage door openers to keep your family and home safe.

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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services

We are fast when emergency garage door repair services are needed and our efficiency is guaranteed every time

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our prestigious technicians are experts in handling your garage door spring problems.

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Garage Door Repair Andover

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The extraordinary abilities of our specialists ensure great garage door repair services. We work with perfect tools, are on time and know how to solve electric garage door opener problems. Our team is the best for opener troubleshooting in Minnesota.

Some of brands we provide service for: Genie, Liftmaster, Sears, Craftsman, Allister, Chamberlain, and more!

Address: Bunker Lake Blvd
Andover, Minnesota
Zip code: 55304

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.

We place heavy attention to every single garage door detail, are extremely thorough during maintenance, and provide a fast response during emergencies

We Are the Best in Opener Troubleshooting in Andover

Garage door problems are fairly common but what you need is the services of experts at Garage Door Repair Andover. You may not fully understand how the door functions, and in case of emergencies it is only natural to panic. For us every repair task is simple because we know our job well and we have the right tools and equipment to handle the same. With so many service providers in the market, finding the right one to fix your door can be a daunting task. We believe that by choosing us you have made the best choice as we offer reliable service at an affordable cost round the clock.

In case of any repair need or sudden breakdown, you do not always have the time to do your research and find the right company to do the job. In such cases, you can trust us as we have years of experience in the field and have helped several customers in Minnesota. Attending to emergency situations is common for us as we are called to handle such cases nearly every day and know how to bail customers out of such problems. Our excellent track record and loyal customer base speak for themselves. What’s more? Our list of loyal customers keeps growing by the day as there are many homeowners who have chosen us as their reliable service provider.

There are many reasons that contribute to the fact that we are the most preferred garage door repair company in the area. Once a repair task is complete, it’s not fully complete for us unless our customers are satisfied with the functioning of the door a few days later. Our technicians also offer valuable tips to homeowners that will help keep the door fully functional for many years to come.

Garage Door Repair Andover, MNNot finding the right solution to a potential garage door problem can be a serious risk. This is why we ask home and business owners to get in touch with our experts so they can have a peace of mind knowing that their garage doors are repaired by qualified professionals. Having basic knowledge of the functioning of these heavy doors is also important, so you can ascertain the cause of the problem in most cases. Here’s a list of some most common questions that our customers ask. This can be helpful to gain just the basic knowledge of how the door works and what to do in case of emergencies.

*   Is it possible to replace a part of the garage door? First, we do not recommend that you do it on your own as it is very dangerous. In case the door is damaged, we need to assess its condition first to see which parts need replacement.

*   What is this R-value rating all about? Garage doors are given an R-value rating based on their thermal efficiency. So a higher rating translates to better insulation properties. In case you are buying a new door or replacing an existing one, choose one that has a higher R-value rating.

*   My garage has low ceilings, is it advisable to install an opener system? It’s a good thing that you have given ceiling space much thought as it is critical before installing any opener system. A residential door will need at least 4 ½ inches of headroom space and a track system that is specifically designed for low headroom areas. If you plan to install an opener, you typically need around 6 ½ inches of space.

*   Is it necessary to install a lock on my garage door? If you have an electric opener, it will function like a lock anyway and is very secure. If you have an old garage door or a manual opener, then we recommend installing a new electric opener as they have the latest safety features that are vital for your security. We work with top brands like Liftmaster and Genie and they offer high-end features that are worth the investment.

Our company is a leading garage door contractor in the area and one of the first and most important processes we follow is to ascertain the problem correctly. Our initial inspection is critical as the root cause of the problem is identified. If it is a case of an opener malfunction, broken panels, a jammed garage door or just about anything, our professionals are here to fix it for you. Our trucks are stocked with all the essential parts that are needed to repair various brands of doors and openers. As spring repair is the most common emergency. You can be assured that if the spring is broken it will be taken cared of on the first visit, as we have different types of both torsion and extension springs made by reputed manufacturers.

Commercial garage doors are a different ball game altogether

Business owners certainly have a lot of expectations from them and rightly so. These doors should not just look great but also have superb thermal efficiency properties, should be extremely durable and never breakdown. In case of repairs, it should be done immediately as the business certainly cannot wait for more than a few hours as it can pose a security threat. This is why most business owners in the area trust us as we are available to offer assistance round the clock. We can also help in installing a full line of commercial sectional, rolling steel or rolling sheet doors at your business premises.

Residential garage doors are also just as important, if not more, than their commercial counterparts. Repairing and maintaining such doors requires expertise and the knowledge, and our technicians are right people to do the job. Now you may have a few questions as to what our team at Garage Door Repair Andover team can offer you. Here’s how we can help –

*   Replacing broken springs and cables. This is one of the most common garage door problems. Springs can snap unexpectedly after years of use and safety cables get frayed or damaged over time. Spring replacement should never be done on your own as they are under high tension and can be extremely dangerous. Our experts know how to repair them correctly and install new springs that will last for a long time with proper maintenance.

*   Repairing bent tracks or doors. In case you’ve backed into your garage door and its bent, get in touch with us to fix it for you. In some cases, the door panels have to be replaced and it should be done carefully. If the track is bent, it should be straightened or replaced completely and this we can ascertain after assessing the extent of damage.

*   Installing a new garage door. This is an exciting proposition considering the fact that a new door can enhance your curb appeal and improve the value of your home. We offer ample options for homeowners and they can choose from a wide range of doors that suit every need, taste and budget. We also install them correctly as that is critical for a fully functional door.

*   Installing a new door opener or repairing an existing one. Choosing to install a door opener is a great option as means much more convenience. We can help you with that and also teach you how to use it correctly and maintain it well. At times, the opener may not function or the door may appear jammed. Just give us a call and we will help you re-program your remote, check why it is not working and take care of the problem for you.

We at Garage Door Repair Andover specialize in repairing garage doors and openers of different types and brands. It can be a manual door or an automatic one, we have the right set of tools and equipment to fix it for you. Never attempt to repair or replace the door or any of its components on your own as it is extremely dangerous and can even be fatal. Our technicians are trained to take on any type of repair task irrespective of the size and type of door. Our services are fast, reliable and available round the clock. In case of emergencies we are always ready to assist. Now help is just a phone call away. You may face a major spring repair problem or it can be something small like adding an accessory to your garage door to enhance its look, we are ready to assist in any case. Our service representatives are open to answer your calls and we are also available on weekends and holidays as emergencies can happen anytime. Maintenance is another important aspect that is often ignored by home and business owners. However, we understand that you may be busy and cannot maintain your door periodically. This is when our maintenance services come handy as we can help check, lubricate and repair moving parts as well as inspect the overall condition of the door. This will go a long way in keeping the door fully functional for a long time. Get in touch with us today if you need any assistance or simply want your questions answered.

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The technical ability and knowledge of our company in zip code 55304 ensures perfect garage door repair services. We move fast when there is need for emergency repairs and are the most efficient group of professionals in Minnesota for overhead door maintenance.

Tips on garage door maintenance

While it is always safe to have your garage door repaired by an expert, knowing about the various problems that occur will help. Here are some important considerations you should be aware of.

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Tips on garage door track repair

Knowing about the garage door tracks is very important for identifying any fault or damage and repairing it immediately.

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